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User agreement

1. General provisions

1.1. The Txunada Website hosted on the TXUNADA.COM domain address, as well as any of its Users (both officially registered and not registered) can be guided by the present User Agreement (referred to as the Agreement).

1.2. The detailed information about the TXUNADA.COM Website (referred to as the Website) can be found at the legal registration address of the company: Avenida União Africana, nº 1943, Cidade da Matola, 1114, Moçambique, or by email: vendas@txunada.com

1.3. This Agreement shall be the authorized act regulating the relations between the Administration of the Txunada Website (referred to as the Administration) and all Users of the above Website.

1.4. The Administration shall reserve the full right to make amendments, corrections, and management functions without the obligation to directly notify the User about them.

1.5. As soon as the User accesses the Website, makes any other manipulations and actions with it (including reading information, making purchases, etc.), he/she shall be automatically considered to have accepted all rules hereof.

1.6. The responsibility related to the independent verification of changes and amendments made by the Administration hereto shall be considered personal and shall be entirely born by the User.

2. Interpretation of terms

2.1. All below terms shall be directly related to the operation and functioning of the Website.

2.1.1. “Txunada” is the Internet resource located on the TXUNADA.COM domain. The domain carries out its direct activity through the Internet resource and the additional services interacting with it (hereinafter referred to as the Website).

2.1.2. The Txunada Website offers the User information about these Services, Products and Data. On the Website the User can also read the data about the services Provider. The data provided on the Website allows the User to choose the offered product, order and directly purchase it, as well as to obtain the specified services.

2.1.3. The individuals who have the appropriate powers to manage the Website act as the Administration on behalf of the legal representatives of the Company.

2.1.4. The individual who uses the Website through the Internet for his own purposes or for the purposes of third parties can be considered as the User.

2.1.5. The content of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the Content) is a result of the intellectual activity that is under protection. This includes any text, visual, graphic, design, software and structural components that are parts of the Website.

3. Subject of the agreement

3.1. The User’s ability to have free access to the Products and Services provided by the Website shall be the subject hereof.

3.1.1. The Website shall guarantee to provide the User with the following Services: the right to leave and post the User’s personal messages, comments and reviews related to the content of the Website and the Products provided by it; to obtain informative description of the offered Services and Products; detailed description of the peculiarities of the condition that is obligatory when making an order and delivering the Products; providing the guarantee of quality of the offered Products, data about its composition and use instructions.

3.1.2. The operation hereof shall regulate any actually functioning services of the Website, any available modification version thereof, as well as all future changes to them.

3.2. The User shall interact and work with the Website on a non-paid basis.

3.3. This Agreement shall be a public offer. As soon as the User gets access to the Website, the User shall automatically join this Agreement.

3.4. The responsibility for using the information of the specified Website, as well as its regulation shall be born according to the norms of the current legislation.

4. Responsibility of the agreement parties

4.1. The administration can extend its rights to the following issues:

4.1.1. To freely make adjustments and corrections in the content of the Website and rules of using it.

4.2. The User’s rights shall be exercised as follows:

4.2.1. The right to use the data provided by the Website, purchase Products and obtain Services at their own discretion (except for the actions that violate the Agreement).

4.2.2. To request and obtain constructive answers that are directly related to the Website’s activities, its Product and Services by calling +258 844339845.

4.2.3. When using the Website, to strictly follow the prescribed and agreed goals that are specified herein and are not prohibited in accordance with the legislation.

4.2.4. Only the appropriate link to the Website can be the basis for the User to use and copy the data that is available on the Website in the future.

4.2.5. To obtain the Administration’s guarantees related to the safety of personal confidential information.

4.2.6. To use the data obtained on the Website for purely non-commercial purposes and intentions.

4.3. The User’s obligations shall include the following:

4.3.1. To provide the Administration with the data that is to some extent related to the activity of the Website and its Services within the specified time period.

4.3.2. To fully respect the property and non-property rights of authors, right holders when working with the Website.

4.3.3. To eliminate infringing activities that can interrupt the normalized work of the Website.

4.3.4. To prevent the deliberate and unintentional distribution of private information about a third party that is protected by the legislation due to the possibilities of the Website.

4.3.5. To avoid actions that can harm the data considered as personal and protected by legislation.

4.3.6. To exclude the possibility of posting on the Website the information of advertising nature. Preliminary agreement with the Administration can be the only exception.

4.3.7. Not to use the Website for the following purposes:

4.3.7. Not to use the Website for the following purposes: To cause any harm to persons at a minor age, and not to violate their rights. To infringe upon minorities in their registered rights. To identify oneself as another official or fictitious person, individual, organization, employee of the Website without explicit, valid and confirming reasons for doing so. To deliberately post on the Website unauthorized, false, unverified data and the information about the Services and the Products provided by the Website that tears down its reputation to deceive other Users. To discredit Products, the Website Services to form prejudice against them with the Users who do not have any experience in using Products and Services of the Website. To upload the information that violates the legislation that can violate rights of a third party; propagandize cruel and violent behavior, anger, discriminating behavior on any grounds; carry knowingly false data, abuse of other Users, third parties, organizations, official representations, authorities. To provide an incentive to violate legal norms and laws, as well as deliberate cooperation with persons whose actions are unlawful and infringing, violate the existing restrictions imposed on the territory.

4.3.8. To guarantee and ensure the honesty and truthfulness of the information submitted to the Website.

4.3.9. To ensure the confidentiality of the incoming personal information for the possibility of access by third parties.

4.4. The user’s rights shall not cover the following actions:

4.4.1. The use of all existing types and varieties of devices, similar manual actions that aim at gaining access, capturing, making copies and monitoring the content of the Website.

4.4.2. To contribute to the disruption of the smooth and correct operation of the Website.

4.4.3. In case the Website deliberately does not provide certain materials, documents and other information, to obtain them by violating and hacking structural components of the Website.

4.4.4. To make efforts aiming at unauthorized access to confidential data of the Website, its system branches and all constituent substructures, Services, Products.

4.4.5. To organize and carry out deliberate disruptions in the operation of the security system and the authentication of the Website, as well as in subcategories and services that directly interact with it.

4.4.6. To control and monitor (as well as to attempt doing it) reverse search of information about other Website Users.

4.4.7. To use the Website, as well as its Content for purposes that violate the prohibition imposed by the legislation, incite to all kinds of illegal acts and any other kind of activity that causes violation of the rights of the Website, and third parties.

5. Use of the website

5.1. Everything that is considered to be the content of the Website shall be subject to management and shall be fully managed by its Administration.

5.2. Materials and data found on the Website shall be subject to the copyright protection, and shall be protected by the relevant legislation (about trademarks and unauthorized competition).

5.3. This Agreement shall cover any subsidiary and related conditions of work and cooperation with the Website, arrangements and terms and conditions for selling Products and/or providing services of the Website.

5.4. The information available on the Website cannot be identified as a prerequisite for changing this Agreement.

5.5. The Administration shall reserve the full right not to notify the User about the changes that were or will be made to the list of Products, services peculiarities, pricing policy, regulating the work of the Website.

6. Responsibility

6.1. If deliberately neglecting the clauses hereof, as well as due to the provided unauthorized access to the data and actions of other Users the specified User bears any loss, the Administration shall not provide any monetary or any other compensation.

6.2. The Administration shall not bear any responsibility for the following actions:

6.2.1. Probability, as well as the fact of the delays due to the impact of force majeure circumstances, malfunctions in telecommunications systems, computer networks, electrical and similar system.

6.2.2. Work and efficiency, as well as possible delays in functioning of a payment system, a transfer, or a banking institution.

6.2.3. Coherence and functional operation of the Website if the User does not have the proper technical equipment when using it. No obligations can be imposed in terms of providing Users with these means.

7. Reasons for violating the agreement

7.1. Subject to the legislative basis or a proper permit, the Administration can disclose the User’s confidential data.

7.2. The User’s intentional or unintentional violation of the rules hereof, arrangements for using the Website registered in the related documents, due to the termination of the Website operation, a breakdown or a technical problem, the Administration may not priory notify the User about this and in a convenient manner restrict the latter to work with the Website, and entirely block it.

7.3. If the User violates this Agreement and any other document regulating options and details of working with the Website, the Administration cannot bear any form of responsibility imposed by the User or any third party.

7.4. The Administrator can provide a third party with an access to all or some of the information about the Users it possesses only under the circumstances when this can help in an investigation if there is a complaint about the unfair use of the Website while identifying the User when he/she is suspected in violating and interfering with the legal norms of the Administration, and other Users.

7.5. Based on the current legislation, the court decision ensuring the implementation of the provisions hereof, protecting the User’s rights and organizations, the Administration shall be free to disclose any confidential information of the User.

8. Settlement of disputes and conflict situations

8.1. In case of disputable situations and conflicts arising with one or both of the Parties hereof, the ground for applying to the court shall be a claim submitted in advance in writing as an alternative proposal for the voluntary settlement of a conflict situation.

8.2. The recipient shall be obliged to make a written response to the appellant about the result of reading and their solution regarding the claim not later than 30 days as of arrival and personal receipt of the claim.

8.3. If it is impossible to voluntary resolve the dispute, every Party shall have the right to send a request for trial in order to protect its rights provided by the current legislation.

8.4. All claims that in one way or another affect the terms and conditions of using the Website shall be made obligatorily within the determined time (not later than 5 days as of the cause for filing the claim). The rights to protect the copyright provided by the legislation shall not be considered in this context. Having a confirmed violation of the condition specified in this clause, the court may refuse from considering the filed claim.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1. Only the Administration shall be entitled to make changes herein. It shall not consider the User’s counter offers about such requests.

9.2. The Administration shall have the right to use the User’s feedbacks posted on the Website without restriction or interference.

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